BROQUET NETHERLANDS B.V is a Dutch company which distributing catalysts, which are developed by BROQUET INTERNATIONAL LTD under English law. These can be applied to any type of engine and any type of vehicle. They allow both the reduction of pollution from engines and improving the combustion in the engine and cause a fuel economy
Any order implies acceptance of the general conditions of sale in force.
1.1. Object
The present general conditions of sale establish the contractual conditions exclusively applicable to any purchase of our products.
1.2. The scope of application
These contractual provisions apply only to products ordered, delivered and invoiced to buyers established in the countries of the European Union.
1.3. Contractual provisions
The invalidity of a contractual clause does not invalidate the general conditions of sale.
The buyer is deemed to have accepted without reserve the whole provisions of the present general conditions.
1.4. Modification of GTC
The seller shall modify his general conditions of sale at any time. The general conditions of sale applicable are those in force on the date of the invoice established by  the seller.
2.1. Finality of the order
 Any order by the buyer constitutes a firm and definitive sale subject to acceptance by the seller.
2.2. Changing of order
Modification of the order by the buyer:
The orders being final and irrevocable, any request for modification made by the buyer is
subject to the acceptance of the seller.
Modification of the order by the seller:
The seller undertakes to deliver a product conforming to that ordered.
However, he may make changes to the product ordered which are linked to his technical progress.
2.3. Validity of the order
Products’ orders will be confirmed upon payment.
2.4. Termination or resolution of the order
The order can be resolved by the buyer, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt
 or by writing on another sustainable way proving receipt by the seller, in case of::
Delivery of a product not compliant with the declared characteristics of the product;
In this case, the buyer can demand the refund of the deposit paid.
The order can be resolved by the seller in case:
Non-payment of the price (or balance of the price) at the time of delivery.
In all these cases, the deposit paid at the moment of the order remains to the seller, as compensation.
You have the right to cancel your order up to 14 days after receipt without giving any reason. After cancellation, you have another 14 days to return your product. You will then be credited with the full order amount including shipping costs. Only the costs for returning from your home to the webshop are for your own account. These costs are approximately EUR 6.95 per package, for the exact rates consult the website of your carrier. If you use your right of withdrawal, the product with all accessories and – if reasonably possible – in the original condition and packaging will be returned to the Broquet Distribution Centre. To use this right you can contact us by sending an email to We will then refund the order amount due within 14 days after registration of your return, provided that the product has already been returned in good order.
3.1. Product Features
The purchaser, prior to his order, has taken note of the essential characteristics of the products he wishes to order by consulting the pre-contractual information communicated to him by the seller before any order, possibly by means of a catalog on products or the Website of the company.
The photographs and graphics shown on the catalog or on the website are given only as
an indication. It cannot constitute a contractual commitment of the seller guaranteeing a perfect similarity between the product ordered and the product represented.
3.2. Availability of stocks
The products are sold and delivered within the available stocks.
4.1. Selling price
 The sales price of the products is the one in force on the day of the invoice.
The sales price of the products does not include the postage costs invoiced in addition to the price, in accordance with the current tariff.
The price for private including VAT.
The price for professional buyer who has a VAT number for EC, exclude VAT.
4.2. Fees
The delivery prices are at the exclusive charge of
the buyer in accordance with the current tariff.
4.3. Change of price
The seller shall modify his prices at any time.
Prices may be adjusted upwards at any time in accordance with fluctuations in the price of raw materials.
5.2. Payment
 The professional buyer must provide with his order :
– his VAT number for EC in order to receive an invoice without VAT
– bank account details
– an extract from the trade register of less than
one month
The invoices of the seller will be payable in Euros to his registered office by irrevocable bank transfer before the delivery for professional buyer or by secure online payment or by Credit Card at the time of the order.
The sums paid cannot be considered as a deposit.
Delivery of the ordered goods will only take place after receipt of the full payment of the invoice.
6.1. Delivery time
The trigger of the delivery time is the credit of the amount of the invoice on the bank account of the seller.
In the absence of an indication as to the date of delivery or performance of the services, the seller undertakes in any event to deliver the goods or to provide the services within a maximum period of 30 days until the settlement of the invoice.
6.2. Place of delivery
The products are delivered to the address indicated by the customer on the invoice.
6.3. Terms of delivery
Delivery is made by:
The sending to the indicated address on the invoice by a carrier, it is the buyer’s responsibility to check in the presence of the deliverer the condition of the delivered product and, in case of damage or missing, to issue hesitations on the delivery note or on the transport receipt, and may refuse the product and notify the seller.
The seller shall not be held liable in the event of non-compliance with these instructions.
The sending by post, in case of damage or missing, it is the buyer’s responsibility to issue
hesitations and to notify the seller immediately in writing. The seller shall not be held liable in the event of non-compliance with these instructions
6.4. Delivery and transfer of risk
The transfer of risks from the seller to the buyer will take place at the time of dispatch. The products travel at the buyer’s risk.
The seller shall retain ownership of the Product until full payment is made by the purchaser.
The resale right of the seller shall also apply, where appropriate, to the price or part of the resale price of his property and to the subrogated insurance indemnity.
The buyer shall take all necessary measures to inform his creditors in due time.
The manufacturer warrants that the use of its products in full compliance with its recommendations, can under no circumstances cause damage to your engine.
The company BROQUET INTERNATIONAL LIMITED will take charge of any repair provided
that a judicial or contradictory expertise recognises its responsibility.
The installation of your fuel treatment catalyst is simple and must comply with the user instructions. It must be done by a professional. Any personal installation can be dangerous.
BROQUET INTERNATIONAL LIMITED declines any responsibility for any damage or complication related to the installation of the catalyst.
Any claim on the effects of the catalyst shall be proved by a test established in accordance with the following procedure:
– Before installation of the fuel treatment catalyst :
– Perform a full tank of gasoline in a gas station with a garage
– Perform 200kms with vehicle
– Carry out a new tank of gasoline in a gas station with a garage: check consumption during this test
– Install the fuel treatment catalyst
– Repeat 200kms with the same driver under the same conditions (same driver, same
road, without air conditioning ): check consumption during this new test.
Emission of particles:
– run the vehicle engine without catalyst for about ten minutes, control emissions with a specific exhaust system,
– then install the fuel treatment catalyst and run the engine for half an hour in circulation and resume the emissions always with the same device,
Each test must be recorded by bailiff.
Nota: the catalyst performance improves as the kilometers to stabilize from 5000 kms
BROQUET is a registered trademark. The buyer is committed to respect the brand BROQUET and not  to denigrate it in some ways, especially through social networks and internet and not to use it.
In all cases of non-fulfillment of his obligations by the buyer, the deposit paid to the order remains benefit of the seller as indemnity except to request a greater indemnity before the judge. Furthermore, in the event of non-compliance by the buyer, the seller shall take legal action to enforce its industrial property.
This contract is governed by French law.
In case of dissentient opinion, the parties agree first to try to find a mutual solution within the period of 1 month. If a legal action is taken, the Paris’s Courts have Jurisdiction (France).
Each Party shall have its domicile at its registered office wherever it may be established.
In the event of a change, the party concerned shall inform the other parties without delay by any means, in particular through the Internet or social networks