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Save fuel Cut costs

Broquet is a catalyst designed to bring benefits and value to your vehicle. The overall result is significant reductions in exhaust emissions and fuel consumption.

The Benefits

Broquet is a catalyst in pellet that reacts with the fuel to improve the efficiency of the combustion process. The Broquet fuel treatment catalyst is suitable and beneficial for all engines using petrol, diesel and oil. 

Broquet In-Tank 8

€ 190,- (incl. VAT 21%)

Increased engine power
Reduced fuel usage
Less maintenace


Broquet History

The Broquet Story Research that finally led to the Broquet Fuel Catalyst started in 1941. At that time, Henry Broquet, an…

Why Use Broquet

Because the fuel catalyst improves combustion efficiency the benefits will be 1) Gains in Road-wheel Power, or improved fuel economy…